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Map of photos in Vancouver of extreme high tides (king tides) shared by the public in December 2017

Geospatial Roadmap Project

We’re updating our popular online map service VanMap in 2018-2020. We want your input during the project so the new service meets your needs.

The Geospatial Roadmap Project will improve the quality, accuracy, and management of the City’s geospatial data – information about properties, zoning, utilities, traffic, transportation, parks, and much more.

The project will also make the data easier and faster to access, analyze, and create maps with, including on mobile devices.

Essentially, the project will improve decision-making and analysis, and how the City runs and delivers services to you.

We’re using Esri External website geographic information systems (GIS) technology to renew VanMap and create additional map services.

Esri is the industry leader in GIS and is at the forefront of mapping, analytics, and data collection.

This project supports the priorities of our Corporate Plan, in particular, to provide excellent service through data-driven decision-making.

What's happening

Help us document extreme high tides and rising sea levels

A large wave crashes against Vancouver's seawall.

Photograph by Jimmy Jeong

Snap a photo of the king tides to help us track sea level rise and better understand the changing shoreline.

Upload and view photos of the extreme high tides with the new map service created on Esri StoryMaps by our GIS and Sustainability teams.

Share and view photos

Try the new online services we’re working on

Property Viewer

Find property information: strata lot, legal description, assessed value, year built, and zoning.

Project timeline

Here is our process and anticipated milestones.

  • 2016


    Consult with staff, the public, and a vendor to create a roadmap to update our geospatial program, technologies, and services

  • 2017

    Phase 1

    Form staff and industry stakeholder groups to:

    • Provide strategic direction and decision-making
    • Standardize the ways we store, access, and work with our data
    • Set-up the Esri platform to replace our geospatial and mapping tools

    Develop early versions of new map services to show what Esri technology can do, and get feedback to refine the function and design

  • 2018 to mid-2020

    Phase 2

    Renew and launch VanMap in the Esri platform, along with additional map services

  • We are here
  • Mid-2020 to 2021

    Phase 3

    Integrate City systems (citizen service requests, work orders, permits, licences, assets, and so on) into VanMap and related mapping tools to improve City decision-making and analysis

    Continue to develop and improve map services

Property Viewer