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Intersection of Knight Street and SE Marine Drive

Knight Street and SE Marine Drive intersection upgrade

We will be improving the very busy intersection and off-ramp at Knight Street and SE Marine Drive to increase safety for all users. This location is currently the highest collision intersection in Vancouver.

In addition to helping to improve safety, we plan to:

  • Provide new access for trucks and other vehicles
  • Improve the city and region's goods movement network
  • Improve local walking and cycling conditions

Proposed improvements

The recommended upgrades were approved by Council in fall 2015 with the support of the federal government’s Asia-Pacific Gateway and Corridor Fund.

Our proposed upgrades include:

  1. An additional vehicle lane and new traffic signal on the Knight Street Bridge off-ramp connecting to eastbound SE Marine Drive
  2. A new westbound left-turn lane on SE Marine Drive connecting to the Knight Street northbound on-ramp
  3. A reconfigured traffic signal
  4. New shared pedestrian and bicycle paths on the Knight Street overpass, the Knight Street eastbound off-ramp, and on north side of SE Marine Drive

Construction is scheduled for mid-2017 with estimated completion by fall 2017.

Project details


  • Knight Street and Southeast Marine Drive

Expected duration:

  • Start: Summer 2017
  • End: Fall 2017

Hours of work:

  • Monday to Friday: 8:00pm to 5:00am
  • Extended hours and weekends as needed

What's happening

In summer 2016, we held an open house to receive feedback on proposed designs  (2 MB) for the intersection improvements.

How this project may affect you

Construction will occur on Knight Street and will occasionally impact adjacent streets. Each block may be impacted by construction for several months. The construction work is being carefully planned to limit the overall impact to residents, businesses, and road users.


Effective mid-August, the northbound on-ramp from SE Marine Drive onto Knight Street will be closed occasionally at night from 10:00pm to 5:00am. This closure will be in effect until mid-September.

Construction on the off-ramps will happen at night, usually from 8:00pm to 5:00am, to limit traffic impacts.

Construction on SE Marine Drive will occur during the day, except during morning and afternoon rush hour.

If you travel northbound on the Knight Street Bridge after 8:00pm, expect delays or take another route.


Parking in the area may be restricted to accommodate construction. Restrictions will change during the project and will be removed as soon as they aren't needed.

Access to residences and businesses

Access to residences and businesses will be maintained at all times. Sidewalks and crosswalks will generally be maintained during construction.

Related projects

Improving the intersection is part of achieving our Transportation 2040 Plan, which was adopted by Council in 2012. Relevant plan directions include:

  1. Improve safety and eliminate transportation-related fatalities
  2. Manage the road network efficiently for all road users

Other related projects include:

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