Creating new parks

Beaconsfield Park

The Vancouver Park Board is currently expanding the park and recreation through the following new park projects.

Parks currently being developed

Artist's rendering of the pop-up park at 5th and Pine

Fifth and Pine pop-up park

This temporary park has outdoor tables and seating, trees, a large wildflower meadow, and reused and recycled materials.

Artist's rendering of the pop-up park at 5th and Pine

Creekside Park

Creekside Park extension: This new, prominent park will extend from the existing Creekside Park to the south up to Andy Livingstone Park in the north.

Aerial view of East Fraser Lands, highlighting the eight acres of parks currently being designed and built

East Fraser Lands (EFL) parks

Help us shape the design of 10 hectares of parks in the East Fraser Lands community as it's developed by Wesgroup in phases.

Artist's rendering of the pop-up park at 5th and Pine

Northeast False Creek Park

Learn about the park design and extended engagement with local First Nations and other area stakeholders.

Shannon Mews Park

Shannon Mews Park

Phase 1 of a new 0.285 hectare park, part of the redevelopment of Shannon Mews, is now open.

Preferred design for the future park at Richards and Smithe

Smithe and Richards Park

The Park Board is developing a new park at Smithe and Richards streets for community recreation, culture, and tranquility downtown.

Completed parks ready for you to enjoy

Yukon and 17th park

17th and Yukon Park

A new park has been created at 17th Avenue and Yukon Street, on the Yukon bike route. The park opened in September 2016.

Landscaping and artwork at the new park at 18th and Main

18th and Main Park

Find out what's happening with the development of a public park in front of 3333 Main St, at the northwest corner of the Main St and 18th Ave in Vancouver.

6th and Fir Park

6th and Fir Park

A new park was created at 6th and Fir to make accessible green space for those who live and work in Kitsilano near the Burrard Slopes and Granville Island.

The completed East Fraserlands park

East Fraserlands Neighbourhood Park North

The first park to be constructed as part of the East Fraserlands development. Find out more about the Neighbourhood Park North plans and construction.

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