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Urban planning, sustainable zoning, and development

Urban planning on False Creek

"Vancouverism" is an internationally known term that describes a new kind of city living.

Vancouverism combines deep respect for nature with enthusiasm for busy, engaging, active streets and dynamic urban life.

Vancouverism means tall slim towers for density, widely separated by low-rise buildings, for light, air, and views.

It means many parks, walkable streets, and public spaces, combined with an emphasis on sustainable forms of transit.

We achieve this liveable, high-quality urban design through creative planning, combined with:

  • Carefully crafted development policies, guidelines, and bylaws
  • Extensive consultation with residents, businesses, and experts
  • Ongoing reevaluation of where we are as a city, and where we would like to go

No wonder city planners and urban designers come to Vancouver from around the world to find inspiration for re-imagining their inner cities, and look for more sustainable ways to live healthy and sociable lives.

How we make Vancouver one of the world's most liveable cities

In Vancouver, urban planning focuses on liveability.

Urban planning

In Vancouver, urban planning focuses on liveability. That means creating a city of neighbourhoods where people can work, play, and shop.

The property at 402 SW Marine Drive and 450-497 Interurban Way is zoned as a comprehensive development district (CD-1)

Zoning map, districts, and regulations

Zoning sets out how property can be used and developed. Includes: zoning map, district schedules, Zoning & Development Bylaw, related policy, guidelines, and bulletins.


Rezoning applications

Learn how rezoning shapes Vancouver and how rezoning decisions are made, read individual rezoning applications, and tell the City what you think about specific rezoning projects.

Development proposals will be better explained with clear, engaging signage.

Development applications

View information on active development permit applications in the city by address.


Sustainable development guidelines

Learn how Vancouver's City Council develops guidelines, standards, and policies that further improvements in energy efficiency, including electric vehicle requirements and passive design guidelines.


Land use and development policies and guidelines

Read the City of Vancouver's land use and development policies, which help shape the city and make our communities more liveable.

Blossoms in the West End

Subdividing, strata, addressing and street changes

Find out how to subdivide your property, convert ownership to a strata, and how to get the number of your street address changed.

advisory groups

Advisory groups and citizen involvement

Learn how to participate in the planning and development process in Vancouver, and have your voice heard.

Urban planningZoning map, districts, and regulationsRezoning applicationsDevelopment applicationsSustainable development guidelinesLand use and development policies and guidelinesSubdividing, strata, addressing and street changesAdvisory groups and citizen involvement